About Me

Hi! My name is Dr. Jerry Fujiwara. I am a licensed pharmacist and a certified personal trainer. I earned my Doctor of Pharmacy Degree (Pharm.D.) from the University of Southern California (USC) and my personal trainer certification from the American Council of Exercise (ACE).

I have been a practicing pharmacist since 1981 and have worked in a variety of healthcare setting. Some of the positions I held over the years include a clinical hospital pharmacist, home infusion pharmacist, oncology pharmacist and cholesterol pharmacist to name a few. I have also held numerous management positions in a large California HMO where I worked closely with administrators, physician leaders, nursing leaders and other healthcare professionals to provide the best patient care.

Our healthcare systems try very hard to provide the best healthcare to their patients.  Despite their efforts, it is difficult to for physicians, pharmacists, nurses and other allied healthcare professionals to provide individual time to assess their specific healthcare needs.

I have created Functional Health 4U to help optimize your health. I can spend the time you need to fully understand your healthcare issues and create a customized plan to help you feel better so you can that you can go on experiencing the wonderful pleasures that life has to offer.

The information provided by this site is for general background purposes and is not intended to be used in connection with, or as a substitute for, medical diagnosis or treatment by a trained professional. You should always consult your own physician about any healthcare questions you may have, especially before trying a new medication, diet, fitness program, or approach to health care issues.medication, diet, fitness program, or approach to health care issues.

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