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Not feeling your best and missing out on life? We’re here to help!

Our Mission: To help people optimize their health so they can enjoy life to the fullest.

Let us help you!

The functioning of the body is complex. There are many reasons why a person’s health may be compromised. Some of these may include poor lifestyle, poor nutrition or medication side effects.

Functional Health 4U (FH4U) will assess your current health. During the assessment, we will identify risk factors that may have a negative impact on your health and work with you in creating a customized plan to optimize it.

Functional Health 4U provides the following personal services :
1. Assess your current health status.
2. If on medications, provide a comprehensive medication review to assure that your medications are safe, appropriate and effective.
• If requested, we can work with your healthcare provider to make adjustments as needed.
3. A certified personal trainer will create your customized exercise program in order to optimize health and functional movement.

Business and group programs include:
1. Presentations on health-related topics.
2. Provide health and wellness consultations.
3. Provide medication education and consultations.

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Contact us at:
Phone: (661) 527-1067
E-mail: functionalhealth4U@gmail.com